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RemoAct: Portable Projected Interface with Hand Gesture Interaction

Hussam Saad Adeen1, Ayman Atia1, Ahmad Amin1, Andrew Victor1, Abdelrahman Essam1, Ehab Gharib1 and Mohamed Hussien1
  • 1 Helwan University, Egypt


RemoAct is a wearable depth sensing and projection system that enables interaction on many surfaces. It makes interaction with the environment more intuitive through sharing and sending data with surrounding devices by applying certain gestures. This system offers a mobile and intuitive solution for interacting using a projected surface on habitual flat surfaces. Every user has their public and private areas, where the user can create tiles on the fly and share it with others and these public tiles are shown to other users through augmented reality. Interaction is made through hand gestures, finger tracking and hand tracking. This gives the user more freedom in movement. Different experiments were conducted to calculate the accuracy and RemoAct ran against different conventional methods to compare its accuracy, time and user experience. RemoAct takes less time for two users to draw one chart. As the system enables the users to work simultaneously, it reduces the needed time, short compared to successive drawing. For gesture recognition, accuracy reached 90-95\%. Object recognition and face identification accuracy varied with the variation of light.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 11 No. 5, 2015, 738-749


Submitted On: 5 November 2014 Published On: 4 August 2015

How to Cite: Adeen, H. S., Atia, A., Amin, A., Victor, A., Essam, A., Gharib, E. & Hussien, M. (2015). RemoAct: Portable Projected Interface with Hand Gesture Interaction. Journal of Computer Science, 11(5), 738-749.

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  • Hand Gesture
  • Finger Tracking
  • Face Identification
  • Object Recognition
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Portable Interface