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A Novel Botnet Detection System for P2P Networks

Atef Ahmed Obeidat1, Majd Mahmoud Al-Kofahi1, Mohammad Jazi Bawaneh1 and Essam Said Hanandeh2
  • 1 Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan
  • 2 Zarqa University, Jordan


Botnets remain an active security problem on the Internet and various computer networks. They are continuously developing with regard to protocols, structure and quality of attacks. Many botnet detection programs are currently available, but only few can detect bots in real-time. The sooner bots are detected the lesser damage they can cause. In this paper, a novel botnet detection system, is proposed to detect peer-to-peer bots. The system consists of three-phases filtering, P2P detection and P2P botnet detection phases. For the third phase, P2P network behavior analysis is performed to detect P2P bots. Experimental results showed that the system exhibits high average true positive rate and extremely low average false positive rate during botnet detection.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 13 No. 8, 2017, 329-336


Submitted On: 5 July 2017 Published On: 7 August 2017

How to Cite: Obeidat, A. A., Al-Kofahi, M. M., Bawaneh, M. J. & Hanandeh, E. S. (2017). A Novel Botnet Detection System for P2P Networks. Journal of Computer Science, 13(8), 329-336.

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  • P2P Networks
  • Bot Detection
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Real-Time
  • Temporal Groups