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Novel Scheme for Enhancing Storage Management and Performance and Saving Energy of Mobile Cloud Computing

Ali A. Yassin1, Abdulla J. Yassin1, Abdullah Mohammed Rashid1 and Ahmed A. Alkadhmawee1
  • 1 University of Basrah, Iraq


Modern industries for smart mobile devices, such as smartphones, provide end users with interactive features that consider network accessibility, computation performance, storage usage, energy saving and limited battery resources. The combination of cloud and mobile computing capabilities has introduced a new technology called Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC), which has extended smartphones and modern mobile devices beyond their core capacities. Many studies have focused only on offloading virtualised applications whilst granting limited consideration on offloading original codes. Moreover, researchers have ignored the main requirements of multimedia, such as photos and videos, in applying the MCC framework in many applications. In this study, we propose a new scheme in the MCC environment to remove duplicated photos received by the mobile device through social network applications. These repeated photos cause loss of large volumes of mobile memory or cloud storage, which leads to difficulty in communication, loss of flexibility to handle more than one application, slow mobile completion and mobile response to orders from another devices and great power consumption due to slow performance. The proposed scheme can overcome the above-mentioned issues, increase the performance of the mobile device and operate at the rest time of the device without affecting the efficiency of its performance. The proposed architecture is based on the management storage from mobile devices to the cloud and uses an efficient search index file to control the addition and deletion operations for repeated photos. Our experiments show that the proposed scheme increases the performance of a certain mobile’s application from 1,967,708 ns to 1,708,250 ns, saves energy consumption from 68% to 74% and provides storage space from 10,130 MB to 9,130 MB.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 15 No. 5, 2019, 648-663


Submitted On: 14 January 2019 Published On: 9 May 2019

How to Cite: Yassin, A. A., Yassin, A. J., Rashid, A. M. & Alkadhmawee, A. A. (2019). Novel Scheme for Enhancing Storage Management and Performance and Saving Energy of Mobile Cloud Computing. Journal of Computer Science, 15(5), 648-663.

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