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Organizing Classification of Application Logic Attacks in Component-based E-Commerce Systems

Faisal Nabi1, Jianming Yong2, Xiaohui Tao2, Muhammad Farhan3 and Nauman Naseem3
  • 1 University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • 2 USQ, Australia
  • 3 MIT, Australia


This research paper addresses the topic of application logic attack taxonomy that is due to unclear and incorrect implementation in component-based applications. The issue addresses the detection and classification of two separate types of vulnerabilities in component-based applications. The paper completes this aim through organising the classification of each attack and then proposes the classification of logical vulnerabilities and discusses the two distinct forms of weakness and coding faults in the application software found in the mid-level of the framework. The most important argument is to desegregate awareness of attack patterns with boundary profile status relevant to an application logic vulnerability and possible threats. Having review of two different types of attack taxonomies, a logical vulnerability classification based taxonomy is proposed.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 17 No. 11, 2021, 1046-1058


Submitted On: 6 February 2021 Published On: 14 November 2021

How to Cite: Nabi, F., Yong, J., Tao, X., Farhan, M. & Naseem, N. (2021). Organizing Classification of Application Logic Attacks in Component-based E-Commerce Systems. Journal of Computer Science, 17(11), 1046-1058.

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  • E-Commerce
  • Web Software Application
  • CBS Design Flaws
  • Logical Attack
  • Vulnerability and Taxonomy
  • Software Security Flaw