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Optimizing the Deployment of the Overall Maturity Improvement Plan for Information Systems Risk Management

Fatima Ezzahra Ettahiri1, Mina El Maallam2, Hicham Bensaid3 and Mahmoud Nassar1
  • 1 Mohammed V University, Morocco
  • 2 MIKS Laboratory, Morocco
  • 3 National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Morocco


Maturity models contribute considerably to the continuous improvement of the various business processes. However, the most important challenge for these tools after assessing maturity is how to define effective and efficient improvement plans especially in the case of an organization having multiple Information Systems (IS). This study presents an algorithm for optimizing the deployment of the overall maturity improvement plan for risk management of information systems. The purpose is to help decision makers identify which actions should be accomplished for each information system, with optimizing efforts needed to reach the global maturity level fixed by the top-down improvement strategy. The application of the proposed algorithm made it possible to define the improvement actions to be undertaken by a company in an optimized way for each of its IS to reach an overall target maturity. The calculation of the number of steps to be taken through the maturity matrix shows the effort gained. That gain can be the human and financial cost for the completion of the various necessary tasks to implement the objectives of control.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 18 No. 3, 2022, 162-171


Submitted On: 12 July 2021 Published On: 20 March 2022

How to Cite: Ettahiri, F. E., Maallam, M. E., Bensaid, H. & Nassar, M. (2022). Optimizing the Deployment of the Overall Maturity Improvement Plan for Information Systems Risk Management. Journal of Computer Science, 18(3), 162-171.

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  • Maturity Model
  • Maturity Improvement
  • Information System
  • Risk Management
  • Optimization