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Multi Resources and Constraints Based Consolidation Model to Mitigate the Energy Extravagance

Archana Patil1 and Rekha Patil1
  • 1 Department of Computer Science and Engineering, PDA College of Engineering, Kalaburagi, India


To design green clouds with optimal energy and resource consumption, the host consolidation process became the most prominent cloud management policy today. In case of a consolidation, the underloaded host's VMs are shifted to the other hosts to control the energy extravagance at a data center. The consolidation process is considered an NP-hard problem, as it depends on several computational resources (i.e., CPU, RAM, Bandwidth) and migration constraints. Although many former cloud researchers were focused on designing the consolidation process, the total consolidation process is based on single computational resource (i.e., CPU) utilization only. In a single resource-based consolidation model, only the selected resource utilization value is considered in decision-making and the other resource utilization values are simply discarded. The problems identified in single resource-based consolidation process are: (i) Ignoring the other prominent resources in consolidation (ii) unnecessary consolidation of hosts (iii) aggressive migrations and (iv) energy extravagance. To overcome the limitations involved with the single resource-based consolidation process, this study proposed the “Multi Resources and Constraints-based Consolidation Model (MRCCM)". The MRCCM is designed to solve the energy extravagance issues and aggressive migrations in host consolidation process. In MRCCM, multiple resources and resource constraints are considered while host consolidation for best target host selection and efficient resource management. Cloudsim toolkit with 800 HP-ProLiant host models and EC2 VM models are configured for experimental analysis. Proposed MRCCM model with MMT host selection method recorded the total 11570 migrations, 1853 shut_downs and 111.84 Kwh of energy consumption.  Experimental results are proven that the MRCCM controlled the energy extravagance, unnecessary consolidations, and aggressive migrations at a considerable rate when compared to the other prominent consolidation models.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 18 No. 7, 2022, 665-673


Submitted On: 12 April 2022 Published On: 28 July 2022

How to Cite: Patil, A. & Patil, R. (2022). Multi Resources and Constraints Based Consolidation Model to Mitigate the Energy Extravagance. Journal of Computer Science, 18(7), 665-673.

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  • VM Migration
  • Host Consolidation
  • Load Balancing
  • Green Cloud Computing