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Discrete Hyperchaotic S-Box Generation for Selective Video Frames Encryption

Megala G.1 and Swarnalatha P.1
  • 1 School of Computer Science and Engineering, Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, India


Cloud computing has become a significant technology with rapid popularization offering many services with highly effective computation and large-scale storage solutions. As multimedia files are growing explosively, securely storing them for authorized access is a major task. Concentrating on video file storage in a public cloud environment, the security and privacy of those outsourced videos are the major concerns. A selective frame encryption approach is proposed to encrypt the semantic elements of the selected frames of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) compressed videos by storing them in the cloud. The semantic elements of HEVC videos are extracted and encrypted by a modified Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) operation in CFB mode with a Substitution-Box (S-Box). A dynamic, nonlinear 2D discrete hyperchaotic mapping-based S-box generation method is proposed to enhance security by providing good confusion, diffusion, and scrambling. The performance analysis of generated S-box and experimental results show that the proposed selective encryption highly resists attacks and encrypts with reduced time complexity.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 19 No. 5, 2023, 588-598


Submitted On: 23 November 2022 Published On: 7 April 2023

How to Cite: G., M. & P., S. (2023). Discrete Hyperchaotic S-Box Generation for Selective Video Frames Encryption. Journal of Computer Science, 19(5), 588-598.

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  • Discrete Hyperchaotic Mapping
  • Nonlinear S-Box
  • Selective Encryption
  • Semantic Elements