Journal of Social Sciences

Parenting, Adolescents’ Future Orientation, and Adolescents’ Efficient Financial Behaviors in Young Adulthood

Sun-A Lee and Jeong Jin Yu

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2017.197.207

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 13, Issue 4

Pages 197-207


The current study examined how parenting behaviors during adolescence would be related to adolescent children’s financial efficiency in early adulthood. We also examined if there was a possible mediator o f this link. Data for this investigation (N = 1385) were drawn from the high school and young adult in the Michigan Study of Adolescent Life Transitions, 22-year 9-wave investigation. It was found that parenting behaviors including parental advice for children’s future and parents’ involvement in children’s activities in middle adolescence (10th grade) predicted children’s future oriented attitudes in late adolescence (12th grade), which in turn predicted efficient financial behaviors in their early adulthood (21 years old and 24 years old). Contribution, limitations and implication of the study were discussed.


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