Journal of Social Sciences

Pre-Service Teachers and Educators Perception toward Use of Technology in Education-Challenge and Reforms for West Azerbaijan Iran

Mahsa Moshfeghyan

DOI : 10.3844/jssp.2017.53.63

Journal of Social Sciences

Volume 13, Issue 1

Pages 53-63


Lack of proper use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in modern education and training for pre-service teachers-PSTs- (students who are not yet teaching professionally) is confronting globalized education system. Iran is not exception where the use of ICT is rather for entertainment and amusement purposes. PST perceptions and attitudes do affect quality of education and hence, performance of students. Structured questions were made to delineate the perceptions of PST regarding use of ICT education of West Azerbaijan (Iran). The study found that most of universities PSTs are adapting ICT in their lectures but not in its optimal capacity. Still many challenges and opportunities are there to improve the usage of ICT in education and training for PSTs and this calls for up-to-date reforms. New academic equipments equipped with flux ICT and uses of audio-visual aids for lecturing are highly recommended. Further study suggested the school based training module for PSTs to policy makers and educationalist who involved in training programs.


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