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Key Based Random Permutation (KBRP)

Shakir M. Hussain and Naim M. Ajlouni


This study introduces a method for generating a particular permutation P of a given size N out of N! permutations from a given key. This method computes a unique permutation for a specific size since it takes the same key; therefore, the same permutation can be computed each time the same key and size are applied. The name of random permutation comes from the fact that the probability of getting this permutation is 1 out of N! possible permutations. Beside that, the permutation can not be guessed because of its generating method that is depending completely on a given key and size.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 2 No. 5, 2006, 419-421


Submitted On: 18 December 2005 Published On: 31 May 2006

How to Cite: Hussain, S. M. & Ajlouni, N. M. (2006). Key Based Random Permutation (KBRP). Journal of Computer Science, 2(5), 419-421.

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  • Random permutation
  • indexing
  • block cipher
  • hashaing