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A Tool for Testing of Inheritance Related Bugs in Object Oriented Software

B. G. Geetha, V. Palanisamy, K. Duraiswamy and G. Singaravel


Object oriented software development different from traditional development products. In object oriented software polymorphism, inheritance, dynamic binding are the important features. An inheritance property is the main feature. The compilers usually detect the syntax oriented errors only. Some of the property errors may be located in the product. Data flow testing is an appropriate testing method for testing program futures. This test analysis structure of the software and gives the flow of property. This study is designed to detect the hidden errors with reference to the inheritance property. Inputs of the tool are set of classes and packages. Outputs of the tools are hierarchies of the classes, methods, attributes and a set of inheritance related bugs like naked access, spaghetti inheritance bugs are automatically detected by the tool. The tool is developed as three major modules. They are code analysis, knowledge base preparation and bugs analysis. The code analysis module is designed to parse extract details from the code. The knowledge base preparation module is designed to prepare the knowledge base about the program details. The bug's analysis module is designed to extract bugs related information from the database. It is a static testing. This study focused on Java programs.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 4 No. 1, 2008, 59-65


Submitted On: 30 December 2007 Published On: 31 January 2008

How to Cite: Geetha, B. G., Palanisamy, V., Duraiswamy, K. & Singaravel, G. (2008). A Tool for Testing of Inheritance Related Bugs in Object Oriented Software. Journal of Computer Science, 4(1), 59-65.

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  • Dataflow testing
  • inheritance property
  • class hierarchy
  • inheritance related bugs