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Randomness Analysis on Lightweight Block Cipher, PRESENT

Isma Norshahila Binti Mohammad Shah1 and Eddie Shahril Bin Ismail2
  • 1 CyberSecurity Malaysia, Malaysia
  • 2 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia


Lightweight cryptography is an area of current research conducted by academicians and cryptographic experts to ensure the security of data in limited-resource devices such as RFID tags, medical and health care devices and sensor networks. One of the lightweight algorithms built is the PRESENT algorithm. To this day, PRESENT has been a reference for lightweight block cipher algorithms and is incorporated into Lightweight Cryptography Standard ISO/IEC 29192-2. The capacity to act as a random number generator is one of the key requirements when designing an algorithm. Thus, this study aims to examine the capabilities of the PRESENT algorithm as a random number generator. By using the NIST Statistical Test Suite, a randomness analysis is performed on the PRESENT algorithm. A total of six data categories i.e., Strict Key Avalanche, Strict Plaintext Avalanche, High-Density Key, Low- Density Key, Low-Density Plaintext and High-Density Plaintext were applied to generate 100 input sequences for each algorithm. From the analysis, the outputs generated from the PRESENT algorithm are essentially non-random based on the 1% significance level.

Journal of Computer Science
Volume 16 No. 11, 2020, 1639-1647


Submitted On: 24 September 2020 Published On: 26 November 2020

How to Cite: Mohammad Shah, I. N. B. & Bin Ismail, E. S. (2020). Randomness Analysis on Lightweight Block Cipher, PRESENT. Journal of Computer Science, 16(11), 1639-1647.

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  • PRESENT Algorithm
  • Randomness Analysis
  • NIST Statistical Test Suite
  • Lightweight Block Cipher