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The Adult Educator of Immigrants as an Intercultural Consultant

Athina A. Sipitanou and Alexandra S. Foukidou


Problem statement: Inspired by this multi-cultural situation in Greece and the need of immigrants for participation in adult education, this article examines an aspect of the Adult Educator who has to develop intercultural techniques in the frame of his role in order to become an Intercultural consultant. Therefore the aim of this study is to examine specific characteristics that define the Adult Educator as an Intercultural Consultant. In this way, the Adult Educator contributes to the smooth functioning of educational and thus socialization process in a multinational class. Approach: We present some statements that are likely to occur during an educational program when the student group is culturally different. In particular we focus on situations that are perceived as challenges by the Adult Educator and also recommend practices and guidelines for facing them. Results: The challenges that the Educator has to repeal, expressed in the student group, from the Educator to group and from the group to Educator. The description of possible situations shows up lingering stereotypes, negative attitudes, difficulties in interpreting multicultural communication styles and conflict. Combining practices which the Educator could apply in similar situations, we end up proposing the revision of views through acquaintance with the “other” culture, empathy, promote parity of relationships, humor and cultivating a climate of cooperation. Conclusion: Consequently the Adult Educator as an Intercultural Consultant can adjust the presence of immigrant student in the classroom and contribute to redefining experiences and perceptions of both-culturally diverse learners and the Educator.

Journal of Social Sciences
Volume 8 No. 2, 2012, 238-245


Submitted On: 18 January 2012 Published On: 5 March 2012

How to Cite: Sipitanou, A. A. & Foukidou, A. S. (2012). The Adult Educator of Immigrants as an Intercultural Consultant. Journal of Social Sciences, 8(2), 238-245.

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  • Intercultural consultant
  • culturally diverse learners
  • multicultural communication
  • multicultural situation
  • unforeseen immigrating
  • intercultural ability